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A town in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, Spread on the banks of the Ganges, In haridwar you can also travel Har ki Pauri famous Ganga Ghat and Bharat Mata Mandir. Haridwar is one of the seven main sacred cities of Hinduism. In Hindi, the name of the city means "Gate of God" (Hari means "God", and Dwar means "Gate"). This city is a center of all Indian's worship, they came here and do all worships here. Lots of hindu priests are already can easily found there to arrangements of worships. At the time of evening lots of Indian people and priests do Ganga Aarti at har ki pauri. The Railway station of this city linked up by all states of India and you can also reach here by bus all main cities of India operate bus service to Haridwar city.


Hotel Purohit Lodge - The Best Hotel of Haridwar

Hotel Purohit Lodge Haridwar is the best hotel of Haridwar because this hotel is very close to world famous Har ki Pauri. Its also near to Railway station and Bus station Haridwar. This hotel offers some extra services to the visitors. You can found all arrangements of worship here. They are also held some special Hindu worships like Havan, Yagya, Satya Narayan Katha, Pind Daan, Kriyakram etc.


Hotel purohit Lodge Haridwar is situated on har ki Pauri Haridwar you can saw easily the view of Holy Ganga from the window of front rooms of this Hotel. Hotel hospitality service are very nice. You can book your room according to your need and budget. The washrooms of this hotels is neat & cleans, Room service is just on a call, everything is in discipline. Hotel purohit lodge offers accommodation in the town of Haridwar, which combines an attractive price and quality. Hotel Purohit Haridwar - A premium hotel in the city of Haridwar, brand, luxury accommodation in the Central.


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